Welcome to the Swedish
Swiss Chamber of Commerce!

The Swedish Swiss Chamber of Commerce is a networking
organisation for companies and individuals, all of whom are
interested, or engaged in, trade between Sweden and Switzerland. 
The Chamber's main role is to provide a forum for
members to exchange business ideas, experiences 
and, ultimately, products and services.
For more information about membership click here.

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SSCC Cray Fish Party in Zurich
Friday 02 September 2016
Syria - The Red Cross unique position in humanitarian aid - in Geneva
Wednesday 14 September 2016

Kerstin af Jochnick, First Deputy Governor, Riksbanken, in Zurich 10 Mar 2016

Geneva Motorshow with Volvo Cars 4 Mar 2016

Innovate to compete - Peter Voser, Chairman of ABB, in Zurich 3 Feb 2016

Dr. Percy Barnevik, Hand in Hand, in Geneva 20 Oct 2015

Carl Bildt, former Swedish PM and Foreign Minister, in Zurich 16 Sep 2015

Swedish Swiss Business Forum 2013 in Zurich